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 PREParing students for the future

through music.



Exploring what it means to play music, make art, and think outside the box.



Teaching students the value of respect for each other, themselves, and their community.



Encouraging students to engage with their communities to broaden their worldview.



Helping each student persevere and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.


Welcome to

Upbeat Music

Preparing students for the future through music.

Upbeat Music provides free classical music education to low-income areas across Kentuckiana.

In music, the "upbeat" is the preparatory beat given by a conductor before starting a musical work. Upbeat is also used to describe something joyful or optimistic. Both of these definitions embody the spirit of Upbeat Music: a joyful, optimistic music program preparing students for the future.


As a member of El Sistema USA, Upbeat Music seeks to create social change through music. By encouraging students to see the value in themselves, each other, and their community, they can be catalysts to positive social change on a local, national, and global level.

About our Program

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Upbeat Music is founded on the idea that each child who wants to play an instrument should have the opportunity to do so—regardless of their socioeconomic situation.

Our students receive both their instrument and instruction at no cost to them, thereby eliminating any financial barriers standing in the way.

Each week students are taught by outstanding teaching artists who coach them on proper playing technique and musicality. Students also receive music theory instruction and participate in team-building activities to improve their mental and social skills.

At the end of each term, students give a public performance at a local venue to showcase their progress and engage with their community.

About our Program



Help a student discover the joy of music.

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