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Our mission is to provide quality music education to children in need while fostering creativity, self-confidence, and social responsibility.

Music education has proven time and time again its positive effects on young people. It not only improves academic performance, it provides opportunities for children to learn critical social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Yet despite its positive impact, music education is often the first to go when schools are forced to make budget cuts.

Upbeat Music programs provide students with the opportunity to pursue music education outside of the traditional school setting. As a free, after-school program, students can experience the joys of music making--regardless of their financial situation. Not only are students provided with instruments and quality instruction, but also opportunities to perform in a variety of community venues.

Music can open the door to unlimited possibilities. Our goal is to give students the key.

 We prepare students for the future

through music.

What is

El Sistema?

And why we believe in it.

In 1975, Venezuelan conductor and composer Jose Antonio Abreu began a series of music programs focused on helping children facing impoverished conditions. The program came to be known as El Sistema.

Unique to other music programs, Abreu's ultimate goal was to foster social change. By immersing children in the joys of music making, Abreu believed students would develop high self-esteem and social skills that would lead to positive change in their lives and communities.

The success of El Sistema in Venezuela inspired other countries to develop programs founded on Abreu's mission. The El Sistema model now reaches an estimated one million children globally. Upbeat Music is proud to be a part of the El Sistema USA community.

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